DAMSL Project

Photographing marine life and teaching underwater photography has been Myron Wang’s passion for more than 50 years, taking him and his wife and dive partner, Nicole, to exotic locations such as the Red Sea, the Solomon Islands, Truk Lagoon, Seychelles and the Great Barrier Reef. In collaboration with the Rosenstiel School, Myron Wang is making his amazing photographs available to the public through an innovative project called the Digital Atlas of Marine Species and Locations (DAMSL).

The DAMSL Project is a first of its kind, interactive database, which catalogs marine life in photographs by geographic location while providing encyclopedic content. Employing satellite imagery and photographer Myron Wang’s images, DAMSL allows users to see images of indigenous species as they run their mouse over a map of the world. The DAMSL database is available for use, free of charge, on the World Wide Web.

About This Site

The DAMSL web site looks and behaves nicely if you are using a modern browser like Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer mostly works but it is alway a struggle to make standard compliant web pages render correctly on Internet Explorer.

There is a web page on this site that uses the Google Earth browser plugin to display DAMSL images in the location where the photographs were shot. While mostly working, this page is experimental and sometimes not easy to navigate. As we gain experience with the plugin the page will improve.


Scientific Name: C. albimarginatus
Common Name: Silvertip shark
Date Collected: May 1999
Where: Pacific Ocean
Locality: Burma Banks
Country: Myanmar
Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Elasmobranchii
Family: Carcharhinidae
Genus: Carcharhinus
Species: albimarginatus